Welcome Sweet Souls!

I’m Allison

The Soulistic Life Stylist

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I’m here to sprinkle your life with love, magic & life recipes for the soul

What is a Soulistic Life you ask?

Well my dear honey stars…HOLISTIC is defined as treating the (w)hole being- the body and mind….However I have serious issues with that. What about the SOUL? To me, that is the essence of the being, the human, the spirit, all are connected.

So… I made up a word:

Soul*is*tic is a way of living that attempts to treat the entire mind, body & soul.

Welcome to my new sacred-soul digi-space!

I am thrilled you have found Allison Dailey and can’t wait to connect with you! Want to know where I’ve been featured? Click here to view!

If you have been following me for a while, you know that Sapphire Soul is my first born web baby!

Have no fear- Sapphire Soul is not going anywhere. It is alive and thriving and is the product based portion of my business.

However, I wanted a place to connect, to get to know other souls out there.

To really interact and engage with subscribers through blog posts, videos, e-offerings, and Soulistic recipes FOR LIFE.

Want to become the most mindful + mystic soul you know? You’re in the right spot.

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This site is for free spirits, gypsy souls, bohemians with rhapsody. Mama’s with fire inside, spiritual people who wear hot shoes, lovers of self + soul. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Magic. Connection. Sankofa. Divine shakti energy. Meraki. Buti. Goddesses. Orenda. Women who need to get grounded and connect to their highest self, all at the same time. Believers of BIG magic. Seekers. Entrepreneurs. Women. Who want to connect, inspire, align and shine. It’s mindful + mystic for you, the modern goddess. 

It’s more about living a healthy life with meaning, passion and purpose.

It’s about taking small steps everyday to feel balanced, inspired and connected.

Yes I’m gonna blog about holistic ways of living. Essential oil remedies and recipes. Crystal healing. Yoga. Meditation. Spirituality. Healing.

BUT I am also going to dig into Soulistic fashion, home decor, how to create positive, energizing sacred spaces, how to raise children with a Soulistic philosophy, how to create abundance, easily balance your already crazy life, how to attract what you want from life.

As Jane Fonda once said on Oprah’s Master Class (my favorite show…btw) “We aren’t meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole.”

Soulistic living is not about perfection.

It’s not about winning prizes because you only serve your family the most organic produce, or have eliminated 99% of all chemicals in your household, or your looking like the hottest little thing in your yoga class since yoga became cool.

It’s about styling and balancing YOUR life for what works for you.

I’m not keeping up with the Kardashians over here, I’m simply trying to live my life as amazingly awesome as I can, and I want YOU to join and inspire this little Soulistic community as well!

In short, read a little bit about my soul

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As The Soulistic Life Stylist, owner~curator of Sapphire Soul and Soulisticlife.com I’m all about combining passion with the balance of living life to the fullest. I’m a modern boho-spirit mama who believes in having it all, immeasurable creativity and love.

I live life with passion, curiosity & an unending urge for purpose and fulfillment. I get back to the simple life and cook up easy life recipes using essential oils, crystal healing, yoga, meditation and more!

Call me a holistic life-stylist, a workaholic wife and a witchdoctor for a healthy body, mind & soul.

Before my entrepreneurial mama-preneur webventures, I was an elementary classroom and technology teacher. I mentored high school students online for 3 years and facilitated them in obtaining diplomas. I have experience in corporate training and resource building. I have a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University in Technology Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University and certified in Lower Elementary, North American Montessori. I grew up expressing my soul through my love of figure skating and dance. In the early stages of my career, I taught skating, dance, creative movement and even dabbled into a little bit of yoga with children. I left the classroom life after 8 years to start a new career and fulfill my passions and dreams of having a successful online business and flexibility to balance my own life.

And why should you listen to me? What good will come if you work with me?

I’m a certified Desire Map Facilitator, Buti Yoga Instructor and self-studied student of everything soul.

I know a little bit about how people learn. I’m a former educator and technology (e-learning) expert and corporate trainer.

Teaching used to be my career. Soulistic living, is my passion.

I decided to combine the two- after going through my mid-mid life crisis about 4 years ago and thought I wanted to leave education forever: it just took me some serious soul work and a little bit of time to realize: I didn’t dislike teaching people, I just didn’t like the system. Or teaching math. I really don’t like math.

I’ve been recognized for my ability to integrate technology into learning, make learning “fun” and success with differentiation. (Teacher buzzword ALERT: Differentiation is a fancy word for teaching to various learning styles, not only teaching ONE way but getting the message across in various ways so that students actually understand.)

I could tell you more about my master’s degree and all the certifications I’ve received over the years- but you don’t care about that. That shit is boring.

I’ve been physically active my whole life. In some aspect, I can truly say I’ve really taken good care of my body. I grew up a competitive figure skater, dancer and went on to teach dance, figure skating and creative movement to little ones until I was about 27. Feeding my body was always something I did really well. Feeding my spirit on the other hand, wasn’t something I learned until around my 30th birthday.

I was running the hamster wheel of life until I crashed and burned. I thought I could do it all- and what I learned the hard way was:

You can do anything, but ya can’t do everything (all the time).


I started researching holistic ways of living and interviewed, met with and connected to anyone and everyone I could get my hands on who was willing to teach, speak and look at me.

I read books, articles, took online classes and started incorporating Soulistic living into everything I did- and still do. The beauty is: I’m always learning, and so will you.

There’s NO WAY you can know it all- but we can connect, and learn from each other. That’s why we are here after all, right?

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t use medical lingo. I’m also not a hippie-tree-hugger-high-and-mighty-I do yoga 7-days-a-week-and-look-hot-in-my-yoga-pants-and-eat-organic-gluten-free-dairy-free-vegan-everything-and-I’m-better-than-you. And by the way- that is so not what Soulistic Living is all about.

I’m kind of somewhere in between. I do yoga (I shoot for 3 times a week but don’t kill myself if I miss my goal), I meditate (more so now with my daughter as it’s a ‘fun’ thing for us to do and I’m trying to teach her how.

I eat healthy, but I use butter. I eat ice cream, yogurt and should I dare to say (eeeeek!!!! Drink milk!) Ok. It’s organic milk- ya caught me…but I really think it tastes better.

I do use essential oils, I do carry crystals and my friends do kind of think I’m a witchdoctor. But by Glinda’s standards: I’m totally a good witch.

I drink coca-cola (sigh…I know, it’s the worst but it tastes SO good!) I engage in a stiff drink every now and then but I’m also mindful of the ‘everyday’ items I put into my body.

Because: the body and mind feed the soul. And the soul feeds the body and mind.

It’s not hypocritical. It’s called balance. And whatever ya gotta do to feel healthy, be healthy and stay on this planet for as long as you possibly can-to-learn-the-beautiful-lessons: I’m all for.

It’s not just outside work. It’s inside work, too. It’s Soulistic work.

Allison Dailey, allisonadailey.com