Free Mandala PDF!

Free Mandala PDF!

I am so thrilled to shine some light on a very talented, Sapphire Soul inner circle member! Michelle Halpern is a Children’s Librarian and explores and plays with her own creativity on a daily basis.

Join the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge, follow your curiosity,

She created this butterfly + heart mandala coloring page in her own creative free time, and has given me permission to share with the tribe. Michelle has a thing for butterflies (as do I) and I think its just a perfect freebie as we are exiting out of Mercury Retrograde (finally, wowzee—that was a rough one!) and entering into February, which is (typically) a more gentle, love-filled month.

Keep reading, for the FREE PDF you can download and color as many times as you’d like! I’d LOVE to see your colorful creations! Snap a pic and post on Instagram with #sapphiresoul and be sure to tag @sapphiresoul_ad

Did you print a few copies and color with your family, significant other or children? Snap some pics in the process and also tag us above, we’d love to possibly feature or regram your coloring session and creations!

For me personally, this is a time of transformation.

Butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis, change, and beauty. Female butterflies are VERY picky about where they lay their eggs, or “plant their seed” because the caterpillars are VERY picky about what they eat. Kind of like WE should be so picky as to where we plant our seeds, what we eat and who we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with. Caterpillars than have one job: to eat and nourish themselves. Similarly, I think about the stages of creation I myself go through when something BIG is about to transpire. My “caterpillar” stage is typically me, shutting down or closing off and “eating” all the wisdom up I can. I’m reading books, researching, and literally trying to absorb all the soulful nutrients I can, in order to create change.

The caterpillars then shed their skin or molt, many times. They release, then have room to grow. Release, then more room to grow. They then are able to attach to something, like the stem of a plant. After about the 5th time of releasing, it forms a shell, the “chrysalis.”

28 day dream catcher challenge 1

The fortress they create around themselves has purpose. It keeps them safe, so they can get busy working on the transformation that needs to take place.

Many people think that it is a resting stage when really- the true transformation is happening! The body, wings and all the parts that make it a butterfly, are being formed. When the butterfly emerges, its wet and yet cannot fly. Fluids and nutrients must reach all parts of the butterfly in order for it to spread its wings.

Kind of like us, huh? When we are about to enter a new stage or project or job, there is a bit of “getting our feet wet”, or in this case–releasing our old shells, to step into something new.

In order to spread our wings and step into our beauty, we must go through metamorphosis, which is naturally destructive. #truthbomb

candy is dandy, February

Valentine’s Day is obviously way commercialized, however it is a great reminder to not only show others you love and care for them, but show yourself some love, too. I’m showing myself love by setting clear boundaries, eliminating all that doesn’t serve me and sort of “cleaning up my love house” or chakra, in order to create space for the loving energy that wants to find me for all the right reasons, and stay there for however long it needs to.

If you’re thinking of buying a gift for yourself or someone you love- our “What Color is Your Love” Crystal Candy box will be sure to raise your vibration (and crystal collection!) Candy is Dandy, but crystals are a girl’s best friend ūüôā

Cleaning up our love house isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, people get hurt. Sometimes, we get hurt. Energetically, you don’t have to keep those in your love house who are occupying residency and not filling your house with love. It has nothing to do with “rent” or money. As an entrepreneur, I’ve decided to close my “shop” (with the exception of workshops, downloads and our Valentine’s Day box) for 40 days. I’ve realized, that I need 40 days in my “cocoon” to create all the parts necessary to fully emerge as a brand new butterfly. Maybe not brand new, but upgraded, with more colors and a further ability to fly ūüėČ

As another form of self-love, I’m committed this year to FOCUS on what truly matters, and changing my energy with money.

Will I miss out on 40 days worth of shop orders? Probably. Will people go somewhere else to purchase crystals, blends and other sacred space items? Maybe. But I’m willing to sacrifice money for what is truly in my heart and soul, and what needs time and space to develop. And I’m willing to risk, that those who find Sapphire Soul or are already a part of the existing tribe for the right reasons will respect and stick around for what is to come. (To be clear, is always open, orders are not effected AND the shop is “OPEN”, you can place orders at anytime, however the shop orders will not begin shipping again until 2/29/16. )February subscription boxes will still continue to ship the first week of Feb, at their regularly scheduled shipping time.

Download the FREE Butterfly Mandala created by Michelle Halpern, here. Share this post with friends as a “love”ly free gift!¬†

What can you do to clear your “love house”, or love energy center? Comment below, I’d love to know!¬†

Join the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge!

If you want to explore more, follow your curiosity and perhaps find your “BIG MAGIC” then I encourage you to join us in the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge. February is the only month you will have access to me live with 2 Q+A sessions. Its not super time consuming,¬†and by spending only a few minutes per day on yourself and your dreams, is truly an act of self-love in itself.

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We also begin the first round of Desire Map Workshops for 2016 on 2/8! 4 weeks online, in depth, getting to your core. Want more? Click here for all the deets.

I hope to see you, I’m holding space for you…..

Desire Map workshop with Allison Dailey

View Michelle’s website here

Find more info on butterflies here

Sapphire Soul Shining Sisterhood Gifting Circle

Sapphire Soul Shining Sisterhood Gifting Circle


sisterhood gifting circle,

For the first time ever, the Sapphire Soul/Soulistic Mystic tribe is forming a holiday gifting circle!

ATTENTION: Gifting circle is now CLOSED! Join us in our Instagram challenge starting 12/1 to win a $100 gift card to Sapphire Soul!

instagram shining light challenge 2, and


Inside the inner circle, is where the magic happens. We are a connected group of creative, conscious souls who give and receive guidance, words of affirmation and wisdom. Its about truly connecting. Connecting to others, and connecting to yourself. We pow-wow daily and amazing friendships have been formed inside this circle.

Its also a place where I get to get-to-know my customers, on a personal level. The Sapphire Soul experience is never just about a box of stuff. Its about working with the stuff, learning from each other, being inspired and inspiring others to co-create the best version of our self. We are Mindful + Mystic Modern Goddesses‚ĄĘ! Learning and using ancient wisdom and bringing it into our (very) modern lives.

The gifting circle WILL take place in our private Facebook group. I apologize in advance if you are not on Facebook, however until our membership site is launched Facebook is the easiest and most private platform to use.

be the gift,

The gifting circle is created to GIFT. We are gifting, because it feels good to gift. If you are hoping to receive something comparable to what you give or of higher value, I ask you to please; not join.

We gift because we want to bring light and love + a dash of magic to another person’s life. When you gift with intention, magic will show up for you too! It has to, its the way of the universe.

Give more of what you want to receive. But don’t gift, with the expectation to receive.

Here is how the gifting circle will work:

  1. Make sure you are a member of the group by requesting access here
  2. Send $5 via PayPal to: (this solidifies your spot, agreement and is an entry “fee”, but will be dispersed x2 back to you at the end!) You MUST send your payment by 11:59pm EST on 11/27/15.
  3. You will be emailed who¬†you will be gifting by¬†11/29/15. You are free to send gifts to as many tribe members as you’d like (you must obtain their addresses on your own), however you are assigned 1 main sacred gifting sister. By signing up for the gift exchange, you AGREE to allow Allison to release your shipping address to your Secret Santa. Allison will not release your address to anyone EXCEPT your Secret Santa and by sending $5 via PayPal you are agreeing to not hold her responsible for any damages or anything that might occur.
  4. Create your wish lists and keep them up to date. You can do this by adding any item from the shop to your wish list (make sure to create an account if you don’t have one so it will save!) If you wish to add a subscription box to your gift list, this is not possible within the gifting system. SO–please add that in the document next to your name.
  5. Follow me on Instagram! 
  6. Share your wish list (link it) and Instagram handle in the document, here
  7. ¬†You will receive ONE person as a “Secret Santa” and ONE person will receive your name. Secret Santa gifts ordered through Sapphire Soul WILL be mailed each Friday afternoon, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18, then 12/28.
  8. Why Instagram? Its another way for us to connect through words and pictures. We will be running a #sapphiresoul #sacredcelebration Instagram challenge parallel to the same time as the gifting circle. This is a way to get to know the members of the gifting circle on a deeper level. The Instagram challenge is optional, but by participating you are then eligible to win the SHINING LIGHT prize .
  9. The Instagram challenge is separate from the gifting circle. We will have outside members completing the challenge. You do not have to be a part of the gifting circle to participate in the Instagram challenge, but you need to participate in the Instagram challenge and complete in order to win one of the SHINING LIGHT prizes!
  10.  At the end of the circle (January 5, 2016) the entire tribe will be asked for input on who has inspired them the most (either through the correspondence in the group itself, in the Instagram challenge), or who is most deserving to be in the center of the SHINING LIGHT gifting circle. One person will be chosen and will receive a $100 Sapphire Soul gift card! Note: there will be 2 winners, 1 for the gifting circle and 1 for just the Instagram challenge.  Winners announced January 10, 2016.
  11. On January 5, 2016 all GIFTING CIRCLE participants will receive a code for $10 off in the shop. This is the original $5 you gave to be a part of the circle, plus $5 for participating!

Questions? Comment below!

sacred celebration gifting circle,


  1. I cannot reiterate enough: you should  participate with intention and because you want to GIFT to a soul sister.
  2. You must gift through the Sapphire Soul ‘gift wizard’ system.¬†We cannot ‘fix’ mistakes¬†¬†after you have submitted through the gifting system.
  3. There are no limits or minimums of the gift exchange.  You can send gifts weekly, postcards/affirmations/letters of encouragement or one large gift at the end.
  4. Instagram is in no way sponsoring the Instagram challenge and you are not holding Sapphire Soul/Allison Dailey responsible for any damages, ever!
  5. Disclaimer: Please do not ask Allison/Sapphire Soul to send “secret” emails/messages/etc on behalf of the Secret Santa. All items need to be sent through the automated gifting system, thank you. xo.
  6. Gift cards/gift codes are now available on the website for purchase + gifting here!

The objective and responsibility: we are here to gift and lift! Lift a spirit, help shine light, bring love + magic to a soul sister’s life. The gift you bring is not measured by dollar amount but rather, the message and intention you have behind it! and 2015 gifting circle

Use code: MALAME for a free gemstone mala bracelet, retail $28+ with any Monthly or Quarterly box purchase through 11/26/15.

Have FUN! It is up to you if you want to stay secret/anonymous throughout the gifting “Secret Santa” time frame, however everyone will reveal themselves or have to guess who their secret santa is in the end! Feel free to post subliminal messages/affirmations/quote cards/pictures in the Soulistic Mystic Facebook group and have fun with it! ūüôā

Please gift to gift. What I do not want: people to be unhappy or disappointed at the end because maybe they didn’t receive what was on their list, or equal/more than they gave themselves. This is truly about gifting- what you receive should be looked at as a bonus!, sapphire soul 2015 gifting circle

Instagram sensation #thegivingmom goes live with me, Sapphire Soul founder!

Instagram sensation #thegivingmom goes live with me, Sapphire Soul founder!

We are talking all things soul here today- join us! Yogi to yogi, mama to mama, soul sister to soul sister!

Find Karissa here

Find me here

The 4 part interview can be found below!

Do you have any questions for Karissa or myself? We’d love to hear your comments/questions below! xo

Congrats to the mini October bundle winner!

Remember, use code: GIVINGMOM for a FREE crystal #girlgang necklace with any SHOP (boutique) purchase over $50 OR Original/Large box purchase! Expires: 10/31

Pink Shakti Warrior Box, Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Shakti Warrior Box, Breast Cancer Awareness

October as you know is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve created a box full of inspiring self-care items for you, or to send as a gift to a friend who might be in remission or currently in treatment. Check it out here.¬†


Also, tell your story here how breast cancer has touched your life. You or a survivor could WIN a box just for sharing your story!

Pink Shakti Warrior Box from Soulistic Life TV on Vimeo.

Are you local? Buti every Thursday evening!

Are you local? Buti every Thursday evening!

So….in addition to being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, running a subscription box company, facilitating in virtual and in-person workshops, operating a successful online boho-chic boutique and being a mom….I needed one more thing to add to my plate ūüôā

In all seriousness, Buti Yoga was just the thing I needed to get my Buti in gear after a stress filled summer and yoga hiatus. I became Buti Yoga certified and teach classes every Thursday in Walled Lake, MI. If you are local, come join us! More info here.


Sapphire Soul + Buti Yoga from Soulistic Life TV on Vimeo.

My Top 5 Crystals (and tips) to Have Around for Holiday Stress

My Top 5 Crystals (and tips) to Have Around for Holiday Stress

Read on below for a few quick holiday de-stress tips and my favorite crystals to keep around, just for the most wonderful time of the year……

If you haven’t looked at your calendar lately, the holidays are HERE! Moments of joy, laughter, abundance and love will hopefully grace us all over the next few weeks. Sure to be followed (or preceding) with depletion, stress, aggravation, sarcasm, and maybe even jealousy.

So, how do we stay in the ‘green’ zone¬† and open up to all the good feelings while feeling less of the red, energy sucking symptoms?

The first thing, is to acknowledge your red feelings. Yes, be aware, of those red zone emotions that bubble up inside us all from time to time. Trying to block them and just push them out is exactly the OPPOSITE of what I’d like you to do.

What has worked for me in the past, is facing them (the negative feelings) head on. Instead of running away (not attending that family function with the uncle who makes your skin crawl) or masking what you are feeling with alcohol, drugs or whatever your vice is, or my personal favorite: pretending like everything is honkey-dorey, (rainbows and unicorns!) in front of others (while you are falling apart and want to scream inside) here’s what you should do:

  1. When you are feeling not so warm and fuzzy inside, acknowledge it. Breathe. Recognize that the feeling is there and (yes) honor it. Understand that everyone has those moments. Even if their Christmas card and Facebook posts beg to differ.
  2. Be proactive. Try to think back to what triggered it (that icky feeling). For example, is your perfect BFF with her perfect husband and perfect kids and Pottery Barn home and abundance of wealth and money (that she doesn’t have to work for) bringing you down? Then try to steer clear, if you can. Recognize, that you may in fact, a little jealous. And it’s ok. You can still spend time with your BFF and not have to be absorbed by HER entire life and atmosphere and stare at all that perfection. Maybe, this year you go out for that holiday drink instead of lingering for hours in her perfect, magazine worthy home. And if she can’t meet up, then wait it out until she can. Is that family member who makes your skin crawl going to corner you all night like a fly on honey? Then be proactive. Position yourself some place where that can’t happen. And if it does, you can’t be surprised (because you have anticipated the moment) so politely, excuse yourself after a few minutes from their presence. It’s not rude, it’s self-care emotion management!
  3. Let it pass. Those feelings (when they do pass) should flow right through you just as easily as they flowed to you. Keep in mind that every moment and every person that crosses your path is a lesson. Even though you can’t see it yet, they are there (in your bubble) for a reason. After you’ve acknowledged the emotion, breathe. Then picture that bad emotion or energy just passing right by, like the wind. Through your entire body. What happens when we get angry? That energy gets stuck IN our field and messes up the whole show by throwing us out of whack. Let it come, acknowledge it, then let it pass.

Visualization helps a lot. Even just a moment to yourself or separating yourself from the big family crowd can give you what you need to refocus, realign, and feel (more) happy. Also, try to remind yourself that you probably don’t see many of these people or feel these ‘holiday’ feelings all the time. Try to shift focus on the gratitude, and the moments you do have with drunk uncle. Have some fun with it, make light and see if you can’t get a laugh out of the situation. Don’t dismiss or cover up those red feelings. They are the green feelings that are disguised, that will one day, turn to gold.

5 Crystals to help increase the Good Holiday Energy (and keep around the home!)

  1. Blue Lace Agate- is a very calming and soothing stone. Keep around the home to reduce family quarrels and open the lines of communication. It tends to lessen anger and calm nervousness. It’s light blue/purple color works well activating the throat chakra (known for opening lines of communication) and reaches up to harness energies of a higher power. It is a gentle, but protective stone.
  2. Citrine- is a sunshine-y stone great for attracting wealth, health and abundance. It’s dubbed the “success” and “merchant’s stone” as it helps to magnify and amplify personal power and energy. (A fantastic gift for entrepreneurs!) It’s yellow color associates this stone with the 3rd (solar plexus) chakra: the hub of our personal power and intuition. Family issues caused by negative energies can be cleared out with a little bit of citrine. Citrine is actually a healing stone for the stomach and digestive system (anxiety, anyone?) and brings happiness and joy to those who wear it. Place a piece near where you keep your paperwork or bills or even place in your coin purse to attract money!
  3. Malachite- is an excellent stone to send to your loved ones, as it protects from accidents and when traveling. It is bright green in color and especially a great stone to protect children. It is said that malachite is reflective, and mirrors the souls emotions. Therefore, try not to wear if you are already in a bad mood, however keep around if you are in a very good mood to keep the energy going. It’s a stone to place under your pillow if you are having nightmares or trouble sleeping.
  4. Rose Quartz- ¬†is excellent for love and communication. It’s light pink and associated with the heart chakra. Keep in common living spaces or bedrooms because it omits a strong but gentle vibration for unconditional love, youth and healing. This stone is known to help stimulate romance, rekindle happiness and bring faith and hope.
  5. Smokey Quartz- is best for absorbing negative/unwanted energies. It offers protection from many types of negativity in the environment. Place at entryway/doorway for visitors coming in with bad moods! If you are feeling ungrounded, ‘flighty’ or unbalanced, keep a piece of smokey quartz on or around to help bring you back down to earth. Keep by your desk computer to absorb electromagnetic energy!

Honorable Mention: Clear Quartz is one of the easiest crystals to use and program. It is one of the most common and inexpensive crystals to find and is considered a master healing stone. It amplifies and reprograms or charges other crystals which are in the vicinity. Great for humans, pets and even will help plants and gardens flourish. The stone will aid in spiritual growth and allow the energy in the room to just, flow.

Want your own set of my Top 5 crystals for your holiday home? Order a Sapphire Soul Home Energy kit here! You will receive all 5 crystals above, plus white sage (to clear out old energies), lemon essential oil to kill and clean germs, and a candle with affirmation card. Purchase by 12/23 and receive clear quartz crystals, FREE

Guard, protect and let the good energy flow this holiday season- just by placing your crystals around you and your home!

Click here to go to and checkout



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