January New Moon bundle revealed!

January New Moon bundle revealed!

New Moon Wish kit available here: https://soulistic-life.myshopify.com/products/2016-complete-new-moon-wish-kit

photo cred: Instagram via @ordinaryanytime

January’s Sapphire Soul bundle is nothing like we’ve done before!

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The completely re-done New Moon Wish Kit came as a full color PDF for those who ordered January. In it included:

  • New Moon Wish ritual with New Moon + Full Moon Dates (you can go through the process each month during the New Moon to co-create more abundance in your life!
  • Lunar calendar of New Moon + Full Moons as well as Solstice and Equinox dates
  • New Moon Abundance Checks (just copy/print and sign!)
  • Sacred space DIY tips
  • A list of must have crystals
  • Smudging Prayer
  • Modern Goddess Moon Phases wisdom sheet
  • Women’s Cycle Chart
  • Full Moon basics
  • Life Vision Dream Catcher
  • Action Steps guide
  • Moon Mandala coloring sheet
  • Moon names!

The PDF came printed, however is available only by instant download in our shop, here for $34

The January bundle also included:

  • A branded GOALden Sapphire Soul folder to hold your kit
  • An additional Soulistic Life folder to hold your goals for 2016
  • A crystal infused gem pen in various colors (retail $9)
  • Branded Sapphire Soul/Soulistic Life bookmark in Malachite or Chakra woman (for all the wisdom you’ll be reading this year!)
  • A jewelry piece (retail $28-48) of various crystal healing jewelry. Subscribers received either a bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring.
  • We also did a live New Moon Wish party on Blab during the January New Moon. Unfortunately, it did not record but stay tuned for more New Moon Wish parties throughout 2016!
  • A soul scroll, #truthbomb or oracle card

All in all, subscribers paid $45 (with shipping!) and received at least $79 worth of goods.

Sapphire Soul, the Original Mindful + Mystic Subscription Box for the Modern Goddess http://www.sapphiresoul.com/

photo cred via Instagram: i.am.heather

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February is themed “What Color is Your Love?” and is PACKED with a Valentine special edition crystal box (with vegan/gluten free chocolate candy from a local chocolatier here in Ann Arbor, MI!)

SPOILER ALERT! Also included:

A sample of one of our signature gem-infused Sapphire Soul essential oil blends

Our February jewelry partner is the beautiful Adam Rabbit!

PLUS 1-2 other surprises! The January bundle is valued at at LEAST $63!candy is dandy, February sapphiresoul.com


Click here to reserve your box before we sell out! Last day to order: 1/29/16! Send this as a Valentine gift to your bff, lover and crystal goddess!

March Spoiler: MOON GODDESS! (for both monthly and quarterly) 

March Sapphire Soul: Moon Goddess, click to reserve! https://sapphiresoul.cratejoy.com/subscribe/

Artist: unknown, if you know please post in the comments below so we can give credit!

If you are on a budget- you will still get amazing moon goddess magic in the monthly bundle. However, if you can afford to spend a little $, the quarterly LUXE box will knock your socks right off! Please note that shipping charges have went up worldwide, but we have NOT raised our prices. All prices include shipping which (in the U.Sl) and is typically $5-11 depending on where you live.

March marks the debut of our quarterly boho-chic luxe box, the first of its kind! This is Sapphire Soul on holistic steroids! So many beautiful partners and products are appearing and will help you to tap into the divine feminine energy within, your Moon Goddess!

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And finally……

Desire Map workshop with Allison Dailey

Feb 1st marks the beginning and re-launch of my signature program, the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge. This is a self-paced video course, however February will be the only month with two live Q&A online meet ups with me!

Feb 8th marks the first round of Desire Mapping with me for 2016! For info on all instruction and workshops, click here

28 day dream catcher challenge 1

Free Mandala PDF!

Free Mandala PDF!

I am so thrilled to shine some light on a very talented, Sapphire Soul inner circle member! Michelle Halpern is a Children’s Librarian and explores and plays with her own creativity on a daily basis.

Join the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge, follow your curiosity, www.allisonadailey.com

She created this butterfly + heart mandala coloring page in her own creative free time, and has given me permission to share with the tribe. Michelle has a thing for butterflies (as do I) and I think its just a perfect freebie as we are exiting out of Mercury Retrograde (finally, wowzee—that was a rough one!) and entering into February, which is (typically) a more gentle, love-filled month.

Keep reading, for the FREE PDF you can download and color as many times as you’d like! I’d LOVE to see your colorful creations! Snap a pic and post on Instagram with #sapphiresoul and be sure to tag @sapphiresoul_ad

Did you print a few copies and color with your family, significant other or children? Snap some pics in the process and also tag us above, we’d love to possibly feature or regram your coloring session and creations!

For me personally, this is a time of transformation.

Butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis, change, and beauty. Female butterflies are VERY picky about where they lay their eggs, or “plant their seed” because the caterpillars are VERY picky about what they eat. Kind of like WE should be so picky as to where we plant our seeds, what we eat and who we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with. Caterpillars than have one job: to eat and nourish themselves. Similarly, I think about the stages of creation I myself go through when something BIG is about to transpire. My “caterpillar” stage is typically me, shutting down or closing off and “eating” all the wisdom up I can. I’m reading books, researching, and literally trying to absorb all the soulful nutrients I can, in order to create change.

The caterpillars then shed their skin or molt, many times. They release, then have room to grow. Release, then more room to grow. They then are able to attach to something, like the stem of a plant. After about the 5th time of releasing, it forms a shell, the “chrysalis.”

28 day dream catcher challenge 1

The fortress they create around themselves has purpose. It keeps them safe, so they can get busy working on the transformation that needs to take place.

Many people think that it is a resting stage when really- the true transformation is happening! The body, wings and all the parts that make it a butterfly, are being formed. When the butterfly emerges, its wet and yet cannot fly. Fluids and nutrients must reach all parts of the butterfly in order for it to spread its wings.

Kind of like us, huh? When we are about to enter a new stage or project or job, there is a bit of “getting our feet wet”, or in this case–releasing our old shells, to step into something new.

In order to spread our wings and step into our beauty, we must go through metamorphosis, which is naturally destructive. #truthbomb

candy is dandy, February sapphiresoul.com

Valentine’s Day is obviously way commercialized, however it is a great reminder to not only show others you love and care for them, but show yourself some love, too. I’m showing myself love by setting clear boundaries, eliminating all that doesn’t serve me and sort of “cleaning up my love house” or chakra, in order to create space for the loving energy that wants to find me for all the right reasons, and stay there for however long it needs to.

If you’re thinking of buying a gift for yourself or someone you love- our “What Color is Your Love” Crystal Candy box will be sure to raise your vibration (and crystal collection!) Candy is Dandy, but crystals are a girl’s best friend 🙂

Cleaning up our love house isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, people get hurt. Sometimes, we get hurt. Energetically, you don’t have to keep those in your love house who are occupying residency and not filling your house with love. It has nothing to do with “rent” or money. As an entrepreneur, I’ve decided to close my “shop” (with the exception of workshops, downloads and our Valentine’s Day box) for 40 days. I’ve realized, that I need 40 days in my “cocoon” to create all the parts necessary to fully emerge as a brand new butterfly. Maybe not brand new, but upgraded, with more colors and a further ability to fly 😉

As another form of self-love, I’m committed this year to FOCUS on what truly matters, and changing my energy with money.

Will I miss out on 40 days worth of shop orders? Probably. Will people go somewhere else to purchase crystals, blends and other sacred space items? Maybe. But I’m willing to sacrifice money for what is truly in my heart and soul, and what needs time and space to develop. And I’m willing to risk, that those who find Sapphire Soul or are already a part of the existing tribe for the right reasons will respect and stick around for what is to come. (To be clear, sapphiresoul.com is always open, orders are not effected AND the shop is “OPEN”, you can place orders at anytime, however the shop orders will not begin shipping again until 2/29/16. )February subscription boxes will still continue to ship the first week of Feb, at their regularly scheduled shipping time.

Download the FREE Butterfly Mandala created by Michelle Halpern, here. Share this post with friends as a “love”ly free gift! 

What can you do to clear your “love house”, or love energy center? Comment below, I’d love to know! 

Join the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge!

If you want to explore more, follow your curiosity and perhaps find your “BIG MAGIC” then I encourage you to join us in the 28 Day Dream Catcher Challenge. February is the only month you will have access to me live with 2 Q+A sessions. Its not super time consuming, and by spending only a few minutes per day on yourself and your dreams, is truly an act of self-love in itself.

join the 28 day Dream Catcher Challenge

We also begin the first round of Desire Map Workshops for 2016 on 2/8! 4 weeks online, in depth, getting to your core. Want more? Click here for all the deets.

I hope to see you, I’m holding space for you…..

Desire Map workshop with Allison Dailey

View Michelle’s website here

Find more info on butterflies here

A few ways to get in the holiday spirit when you’re just…not

A few ways to get in the holiday spirit when you’re just…not

Feeling like you are in funkytown this time of year? While some may feel like “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” others feel like a holiday blues traveler. The season is filled with magic, sparkles, family, friends, food and light– but amongst all of that can also lead to social anxiety, stress, obligation, resentment and jealous feelings.

December in general, can also leave us feeling burned out and downright depressed. *raises hand*

I know myself well and can anticipate the holiday burnout and crash before it arrives. Yet year after year, it still hits me. Yes, me. The self-proclaimed balanced woman who does yoga, meditates, sits with her magic and now is living each day in my little dream job world.

gold buddha, get out of funkytown fast with these tips

I get better, each year at expecting and knowing when its coming and what to do when it gets here. And here is what works for me: do nothing. Let myself off the hook.

I’m constantly pushing the envelope, creating and serving others all year long. December SHOULD be a time of pushing just a little bit more–being it the busiest shopping season of the year. However, the last thing I want to do is create and market and be in your inbox every other day, selling. Ew.

So– I let myself settle in funkytown for about 2 weeks. That’s my limit. I binge watch tv (I never, ever really watch tv), I buy and read all the tabloid magazines I can get my hands on. I paint my nails. A lot. I order a lot of books from Amazon. And I marinate in new material. If I feel like cooking, I cook. If I feel like treating myself with carry-out every other night, I do that. And I don’t feel bad about it.

I typically don’t create- until I feel I’m good and ready. Trying to create when you aren’t feeling especially creative is the worst. And, it creates crap nobody wants. Double ew.

We are so hard on ourselves, myself included. Whether your funkytown strikes in December or July or somewhere in between- notice when you need to chill the fuck out. Then do that. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

So what makes me feel better? I do some or all of the below. Most of the time, it works. It might perk me up for the hour, for the day or be just the think I need to get in the holiday spirit. The Grinch isn’t stealing my christmas #thankyouverymuch. I’m in charge, I determine and make choices on how I want to feel, and so should you. But don’t just talk about them. Actually, do them. As Danielle LaPorte says “love your sadness, it won’t last.”

Try these things to start feeling more jolly inside:

  1. Listen to a short, guided meditation each morning. Short. Guided. Not alone and 20 minutes. The last thing I feel like doing when I’m feeling shitty is another “thing” and I certainly don’t need to feel bad about “not meditating” or not “doing yoga”.  I typically have a pair of earbuds right on my bedside table, and before my feet even hit the floor to go pee- I’m listening to Deepak or Oprah or someone with a soothing voice. Starting your day off with positivity is SO important. More to come on that this year 😉
  2. Re-do and decorate your sacred space according to the season, or even how you are feeling. I do a little altar renovation whenever I’m not feeling what is currently up there. Your altar should…..ALTernate. It should reflect what you need/wish/are working on and want to call in. Feeling blue? Feeling lost? Bring in some citrine for positivity and angel aura quartz to connect with your angel guides. Light a new intention or affirmation candle. Gather some of nature outside and bring it inside (pinecones, rocks, branches) and if you are FEELING crafty, glitz them up a bit with some metallic paint. Purchase a new statue, crystal or totem to keep around. Treat yourself. You deserve it.
  3. If gathering with others makes you want to run and hide- then run and hide. You have my permission. But please, find a balance. You know damn well when you are having social anxiety and when you don’t feel like washing your hair. There’s a difference. Allow yourself the time and space to be alone- but if you are going to be alone- then you better damn enjoy it! Don’t be alone to sulk and feel sorry for yourself. Once in a while is ok- but just like you need your alone time- you also need people time.
  4. Connect with a group of people who love to support. You don’t have to be local to connect with a group of like minded souls. We are ALL around the globe! Aaahh- I have just the group! Click here to connect with our inner circle, they are amazing and awesome.
  5. Treat yo’self. Get the massage. Buy the new comfy, luxury sweater. Get your hair and nails did. Grab a new planner or something to HELP you to start turning your brain back on. Think about the future. Visualize, what you want and how you want to feel. Sleep.

After you’ve done some or all of the above and have ALLOWED yourself the time to simmer in your sadness- its time to start re-entering the world. And its just that simple, and just that hard. At some point- we need to return to gratitude. Life might not feel great right now, but what can you be grateful for? Start with a list, then expand on that.

When faced with your family or an awkward work christmas party- approach it from a space of gratitude. Start with the obvious. You have a family to sit and eat dinner with. You have a job which allows you to do x,y,z. You have that new luxury comfy sweater and money to get your hair did. Rub some peppermint oil on your temples, put on some red lipstick, drink a glass of champagne and meditate (for only 5 minutes) in the morning. Your future self will thank you 🙂


Join us for the first round of Desire Map workshops of 2016! We will get to the core of your gratitude, find and define your CDF’s (core desired feelings) then learn how to incorporate them into our daily lives. This life-changing work starts in February and I’m holding space for YOU. Grab your spot here.

some predict the future, allisonadailey.com

Interview w/ co-founders of Dive in Deck!

Interview w/ co-founders of Dive in Deck!

Come back later today on this new moon 11/11 to find the replay to our interview w/ co-founders of Dive in Deck! (Making an extra special appearance in the December Sapphire Soul Original + Large Holiday box!) Reserve yours here: www.sapphiresoul.com


Watch it live, 12:00 pm EST here https://blab.im/sapphire-soul-sapphire-soul-interviews-dive-in-deck

Instagram sensation #thegivingmom goes live with me, Sapphire Soul founder!

Instagram sensation #thegivingmom goes live with me, Sapphire Soul founder!

We are talking all things soul here today- join us! Yogi to yogi, mama to mama, soul sister to soul sister!

Find Karissa here

Find me here

The 4 part interview can be found below!

Do you have any questions for Karissa or myself? We’d love to hear your comments/questions below! xo

Congrats to the mini October bundle winner!

Remember, use code: GIVINGMOM for a FREE crystal #girlgang necklace with any SHOP (boutique) purchase over $50 OR Original/Large box purchase! Expires: 10/31